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Relaxation program

Pranamat can be used for relaxation. Use it to wind down when you are feeling stressed or tense.

Lie on your back on the Pranamat for 25 to 50 minutes:

You can support your neck with a small cushion. Remember to keep yourself warm with a blanket as your body may cool down during the treatment:

Listen to  soft, meditative music to help you relax. 
If you are unsure what kind of music to choose, we suggest you try:

1.    Hari Prasad Chaurasia- Darbari Raga
2.    Tibetan Singing Bowls
3.    Music for reiki and relaxation
4.    Music with a soft ocean sound
5.    Carlos Nakai – Canyon Trilogy
6.    Carlos Nakai – Islands of Bows
7.    Hariprasad Cahurasia- Raga Darbari Kanada

In spite of the fact that our model is laying on Pranamat with clothes on, we strongly and sincerely recommend you to lay on it with no any clothes on – it will give you more healthcare efficiency.

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