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Buying online on is great!

Why to enter?

- Become one of the 100 VIP Advaita members with a permanent 20% discount on all Advaita products. The discount has no expiration date so you can save on the best wellness products as long as you like.

- Receive a refund of 20% on your last 5 purchases – if making the orders within the first 6 months, since the Program’s launching date (12/15/2010). !NB! please note that refund is not applicable to purchases made with discounts.

- Get the updates on new products and promotional campaigns on your e-mail and be the first to try them with 20% discount.

- Be the first to receive the special offers from Advaita.


How to enter

- Make any five (5) purchases* on AdvaitaArt’s online shop;

- Don’t forget to subscribe for news and updates from Advaita!

- Our team will then contact you to your registered e-mail and your plastic card will be sent to you via post.

And it gets even more interesting.

Order any five (5) items on AdvaitaArt’s online shop within first six (6) months and receive a refund of 20% on total price of processed 5 purchases! (!NB! please note that refund is not applicable to purchases made with discounts).

- The amount of refund will be transferred to your bank account within 10 working days from your last payment.

- After you receive your loyalty card, the discount of 20% will be applied to any next purchase you make on AdvaitaArt’s online shop.

Your personal member card with your name, surname and unique discount code will be produced within a month and mailed to your stated postal address within 10 working days.

*Previous purchases are taken into consideration (please provide a confirmation(s) of your previous purchase(s))


How to use your Loyalty Card

At purchase enter the code on your card and get a 20% off at the moment of paying at AdvaitaArt’s online shop. Both the card and the code have no time limits and are valid only at – online shop. Please inform Advaita if any of your information (address, name, payment details etc.) has changed.


In case of loss

Please inform Advaita via e-mail, stating your full name, address, phone number and username on the AdvaitaArt. Advaita will contact you in 3 working days and your card will be restored and sent to your registered address.


Privacy policy

Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. All information you provide will be used only for purchases and delivery confirmation.

N.B. Duration of presented Loyalty Program is one year only and is running until 12/15/2011. These terms do not apply to discount codes and Loyalty Cards validity period.

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